Email Template For Passive Candidate

It’s no secret that the majority of job seekers today are passive candidates. But what does this really mean?

A passive candidate is someone who is not currently looking for jobs, but would consider one if the right offer came along. In this regard, they are a lot like an inactive prospect – someone who was once interested in your company or product, but has not actively engaged in any way for quite some time.

That’s why before you send that first email to a cold contact (i.e., a person with whom you do not yet have any relationship), it’s important to make sure you understand who they are and what their level of interest is in your company.

A passive candidate could be interested in your company, but not actively seeking a role at this time. The person may have been turned off by a bad experience with other companies, or they are just not ready to commit at the moment for whatever reason.

However, as long as you make them feel like an active participant during the process of pursuing their job interest, they will be more likely to continue the conversation with you, and your chance of success will be higher. So, what can you say to make them feel more active in their job interest?


The best time to get a promising candidate on the team is when they are still passive. This means that they are not looking for a new job yet, but it’s just a matter of time before they start hunting for one. The question is how do you get them to come work with you?

A lot of people think that sending an email is the best way to engage and recruit passive candidates. In order to achieve that you need an email template that can convert them into active prospects.

Be sure to personalize your email subject and subject line to increase email opens and responses.

The body of your email should always contain a brief information about the open position and your organization’s employee value propositions. Add convincing stories about why your employees love working for you. Make sure to include a well-written job description explaining the open position.

Example template to email passive candidates:

Subject line: Interested in joining our team at [Company_name]?

Hi [Candidate_Name],

I am [your name] [your job_title] at [company_name]. I have seen your profile [for example on LinkedIn] and am very impressed with your experience [add specific fields or achievements].

We are looking for [Job_Title – Add Job Description] to join our team. I’d like to tell you more about this position and get to know you. Are you available [date and time or time eg: around this week]? If so, I would be delighted to schedule a call with you. I am also happy to coordinate via email or LinkedIn if desired.

I hope you have a great day.

[Your name]