How Employee Surveys Can Help Your Hiring Process?

Retention can be improved by 82% by putting the hiring process in place. But how to do what’s not working in their hiring process and how one can improve it?

This can be done by asking your employees what’s missing and what they would like to change through employee surveys.

Using employee surveys can be a great way to streamline the hiring process as it helps in revealing strengths and weaknesses in each stage of your hiring process.

An employee survey is the strongest weapon in your arsenal when it comes to enhancing candidate experience and we’ll tell you exactly how & why in this article.

Table of Content:

What is an employee survey?

How to conduct an employee survey?

  • Communicate its purpose
  • Emphasize the objectives
  • Emphasize anonymity
  • Focus on improving
  • Show measurable progress
  • Resurvey, Rinse, and Repeat

5 Ways to help your hiring process through employee surveys

  1. Helps you to track metrics
  2. Help you attract top talent
  3. Gives clear picture
  4. Measures the level
  5. Improve performance & reduce turnover

Build and Grow from your employees’ feedback


While most of you are likely to be familiar with the benefits of using surveys to gather feedback. But how many of you have used surveys to improve the recruitment process?

Often, the best view of your company’s growth is from your employees. Employee surveys provide a safe space for employees to voice their opinions. The frequency of the survey depends on your company’s needs and goals.

Putting together a survey to evaluate is a great way to gauge the company as a whole, to see where you need to improve which can help your company thrive in future recruitment.


When you’re attracting new hires, employee surveys can be an effective way to gather feedback. To make the most of your survey, ask the right questions. The questions should be specific and actionable.

For example, if you want to measure recruitment metrics, ask about how employees communicate with each other. Using data to drive change in the hiring process is extremely beneficial as it is the only surefire way to know exactly where you need improvements.

Consider the following practices for conducting your employee survey:

Communicate its purpose

Find the best way to communicate the purpose of your survey. This means using a formal announcement to let your employees know that you are conducting a survey. Ask a few open-ended questions to know where your hiring process stands: What is the survey meant to accomplish? What follow-ups will be taken and analyzed?

Identify the most important goal of your survey and stick to it. This will help you gather the most meaningful information. You will also know the most relevant metrics to track which will help you make better decisions.

Emphasize the objectives

Make the purpose of the survey clear and be transparent about what you are going to do with the data. For example, the survey results may indicate that personalized emails are important. You can update your recruiting email templates regularly so that they rarely become stale.

Emphasize anonymity

Communicating to employees that the survey is anonymous as anonymous employee surveys generate more candid feedback. The benefits of an anonymous employee survey include improved data quality, the ability to provide a better view of your workforce, help to reduce turnover, an improved work environment, and boost employee engagement.

An anonymous survey will show you how your employees feel about your workplace and can be used to decide which action items to prioritize the most. It helps you proactively to identify and address common problems.

Focus on improving

Using an employee survey as a research tool can be a great way to discover and engage your employees. A survey is a great way to discover what is on your team’s minds, as well as help your team discover new and exciting ways to improve your organization’s hiring process bottom line.

By targeting one or two areas of improvement, focus on improving those problems, ensure actionable improvements, and keep the team updated on progress by communicating areas of improvement.

Show measurable progress

Using employee surveys to measure performance is a good way as it helps you recruit better employees. The survey should be at regular intervals, concise and specific, and should contain a goal and follow-up steps. You should ask questions that will produce actionable feedback.

Have the plan to go over the results with your employees. Either you allow them to view or in a large roundtable to discuss the results, as your employees will be curious to see what progress have you made and what are you intended to do next.

Resurvey, Rinse, and Repeat

Using an employee survey can help you attract the best employees and measure the status quo. But, before you go headfirst into the data collection process, there are a few things you should consider.

The most important aspect of an employee survey is confidentiality. To avoid the dreaded survey response bias, ensure that employee input is as anonymous as possible. The next best thing is to assemble a team of like-minded peers. This can help you to better comprehend the data you collect and take action to improve the recruitment process.



With employee satisfaction metrics you can retain top talent and keep employees engaged. By doing so, you can improve employee engagement and avoid turnover. The purpose of conducting surveys is to understand how the company has treated its employees over the period.

It’s important to conduct consistent surveys as they can provide insights into how you’re doing and you can make use of these survey results to check if your onboarding process improves as you introduce new changes and help shape procedures.


Take time to survey as that yields a gold mine of feedback which is a plethora of data that can mine useful information wherein later you can post on all social media platforms. Posting employee survey results illustrate how happy the employees are in the company and management.

Surveys have several benefits, including providing a clear picture of where you stand, and which strategies you can implement to take your company to the next level. The voice of your employees will be more credible and will help in attracting top talent to your company.


Using employee surveys to evaluate your hiring process can give you the information you need to improve it. The surveys ask specific questions that help in measuring employee engagement, retaining employees, & boosts productivity.

Surveys can provide companies with insight into new hires’ experience, as well as a list of improvement areas. This allows you to take a step back and consider what is working and what needs improvement and can also help you to identify problems and create a plan to improve them.


Conducting an employee survey for new hires is a great way to measure their engagement and satisfaction levels. 33% of new employees quit their job in the first 90 days. Employee surveys serve as a great metric that helps in tracking year-over-year to see what improved and what did not.

The key is to ask the right questions. You can tailor survey questions to determine how engaged are new hires and how satisfied they are with the work culture. Questions like these will help you understand metrics and can help you create a more engaging work environment and attract the best employees for the job.


Early detection of internal problems can lead to more effective leadership, enhancing the employee experience, improving employee performance, and reducing employee turnover.

Surveys highlight how employees feel about new hires’ performance which can be very useful in telling how effective the hiring process is. Surveys also offer actionable insights as it helps companies increase employee morale, combat workplace burnout, and attract the best employees.


Through surveys, you can build inwards to grow outwards. Employees respect a company that allows them to share their opinions and take their opinions seriously. It makes them feel heard and when their feedback is considered and changes are made, employees believe that management is receptive to their ideas and needs.

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