How To Identify Passionate Talent?

Every organization is always on the lookout for the passionate talents who will deliver best practices and attain growth. And that’s why organizations put in their best efforts in talent recruitment to get the best minds to work with.

What to look and listen for you to judge a job seekers passion? Here’s fresh hacks provided by our hiring experts on how to identify the passionate talents.

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How do you identify passionate employees?

How To Winnow Passionate Talent?

  • The Why Factor
  • Social Media 
  • Ask Their Interests
  • Passion Aligns Job Role
  • The Extra Mile

Create A Culture Of Passion


Employees feeling enthusiastic for companies goals is a valuable trait. Employees who feel excited about how they work leads to productivity are less likely to leave an organization. Employee engagement is an integral part of the HR department which is a benefit for your company.

Employers are in search of employees who are passionate about work they do, with a quality of positive attitude, that ensures long-term commitment and mutual growth.

Can you identify a passionate talent? Should HR managers hire based on passion over experience? Resumes and reference checks can help you confirm that candidates have adequate experience. To determine if they have the dedication and can drive themselves to a high performer is difficult.

How do you Identify Passionate Employees?

Looking for employees who go the extra mile? Uncover these key signs of passion:

  • Enthusiasm: Do their eyes light up when discussing work? Are they eager to learn and contribute?
  • Self-Motivation: Do they take initiative and ownership without constant prodding?
  • Commitment: Do they stick with challenges and bounce back from setbacks?
  • Continuous Learning: Do they actively seek growth opportunities and new skills?
  • Impact: Do they focus on positive outcomes and go above and beyond for company goals?

How to Winnow Passionate Talent?

Passionate people are the ones who stay focused, develop their skills, stay up-to-date, chase their dream with determination, consider each day as an opportunity, and most importantly an addendum to your organization.

This blog will show you how to find a spark with the best candidates to your team and ease your job of employee engagement. 

1. The Why Factor

88% of employees aren’t passionate about work they do and don’t contribute as much as they could. Without passion, employees become disengaged and disconnected which is a poor work ethic and results in low productivity. One bad egg can be detrimental to a whole bunch. 

Employees who are passionate often possess a desire to seek challenges, have long lasting impact, and a strong reason “WHY” to motivate them to work. 

When you are hiring talent, while interviewing ask them these questions like “Why this industry?”, “Why this company?”, “Why this job?”, “What are your career goals?”. 

Strong answers to these questions encourage candidates to share their career goals, examples of past experiences, and prove passionate employee attributes that will help in identifying and hiring new employees. 

A passionate person is one who is self-motivated, who will never give up, open-minded to new innovative ideas, improvise themselves, and won’t get discouraged by short-term misgivings as they have set their eyes for a bigger picture.

2. Social Media

When candidates are active in social media and update themselves about their work profile, this reflects a positive and professional image. Good candidates are those who share information, news, and articles related to their jobs, they are potential experts in their field. 

When talents are engaging themselves with groups, it shows how much they are interested in learning and sharing knowledge with others. It helps them to improvise and are problem solvers. 

When candidates are engaged in blogging activities, say industry related blogs, it reflects deeper connection and extra time spent, demonstrate dedication to their chosen profession.

3. Ask Their Interests

While hiring top talents in your organization, ask them what they’re passionate about. They will be excited to tell what are their hobbies which will bring enthusiasm at the workplace too. When someone isn’t engaged in activities or hobbies outside the work, then they will likely go through motions at their job.

When people are passionate about other aspects of their life, it carries over into their career as well. Passion is a character trait and there’s no on and off switch.

4. Passion Aligns Job Role

Candidates have unique strengths, weaknesses, and passions. It is vital to make sure to identify whether the talent hired fits for the role you’re trying to fill. 

If you ask talents previous accomplishments, you’ll be able to identify where their passion lies and determine whether they can direct those passions which will benefit your organization.

5. The Extra Mile

Nowadays, there are online educational platforms, where talents can do industry-related certifications, diplomas, degrees that showcases willingness of the talent to develop their skills, be both growth-oriented and goal-oriented. Hire top talent as they have big dreams and won’t back off from calculated risks. 

Passionate ones look for ways to grow and become better, patient enough to learn new things, smarter, looks for life-changing opportunities, work hard, stay committed, and finish work with fulfillment. They are self-driven who don’t wait to be told what to do instead they would go that extra mile to prove themselves their worth and importance to you.

Create A Culture of Passion

Employees shape company culture. Everyone needs to be on the same page in terms of goals, aspirations, directions, and drive. A candidate’s skill and qualifications are important, but at the end of the day what matters most is employee motivation and being passionate that attains success to your company.

With productive business plans, talent acquisition strategies, and metric indicators, your target is achieved with KPI and OKR measurable results. Business goals, ample benefits ranging from reduced turnover to increased productivity, objectives and key results are attained with self-driven and passionate employees in your organization.